ASUS RT-AX92U 펌웨어 업데이트(2021/01/25)

작년말부터 또 let’s encrypt 인증서 갱신이 안되더니 이제사 해결이 되었네요. 매년 말썽이 발생하는 것 같아 좀 아쉽습니다. 그래도 해결은 되었으니…

Version 61.85 MBytes

ASUS RT-AX92U Firmware version
[Known issue] If your RT-AX92U firmware was, please use ASUS Router App or the firmware check button in Web GUI to upgrade firmware.
Manually upload the firmware from 386.41535 to 386.41712 might not be successful.
Other versions before 386.41535 do not have this issue.

1. AiMesh 2.0
– System optimization: one click in AiMesh to optimize the topology
– System Ethernet backhaul mode, all nodes will only connect by ethernet, and all bands can release for wireless clients.
– System factory default and reboot.
– Client device reconnect, make the device offline and online again.
– Client device binding to specific AP.
– Guest WiFi on all Mesh nodes (all node need to upgrade to firmware)
– Access nodes USB application.

Connection priority and Ethernet backhaul mode introduction

How to setup ASUS AiMesh or ZenWiFi Mesh Ethernet backhaul under different conditions

2. New Family interface in ASUS router App.
ASUS Router App for iOS must greater than iOS v1.
Android version greater than v1.

3. The unit of the WiFi time scheduler goes to 1 minute.

4. Support IPSec IKE v1 and IKE v2, and you can use the Windows 10 native VPN client program to connect to the router’s IPSec VPN server. The Windows 10 new FAQ is in

5. 2.4 and 5G settings on the network map could modify in the same tab.

6. Captcha for login can be disabled in the administration -> system.

7. Printer server port can be disabled on the USB app page.

8. Clients who connect to the guest network can be viewed in the network map –>view list –> interface

9. Fixed Let’s Encrypt issue.

10. Added IPTV supports for a specific region.

11. Fixed the throughput issue.

Please unzip the firmware file first then check the MD5 code.
MD5: f3f63787fd06a9e1e1af5e9717351f52

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